Notes on a reconnoissance of the fisheries of the Pacific coast of the United States in 1894 Hugh M. Smith |
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Notes on a reconnoissance of the fisheries of the Pacific Coast of the United States in 1894. Issue: 141 Authors: Smith, Hugh M. PDF: fb14.19.pdf. Also in this issue. Index. The fishes of the Colorado Basin. A list of the species of fishes known from the vicinity of Neosho, Mo. 18.-NOTES ON A RECONNOISSANCE OF THE FISHERIES OF THE PACIFIC COAST OF THE UNITED STATES IN 1894. By HUGH M. SMITH, M. D., Assistallt ill Charge Dioisio» 0/ Statistics and Methods 0/ the Fisheries. U. S. Fislt Commission. NARRATIVE OF THE TRIP. Under date of May 8,1894, I was directed by theHon. MarshallMcDonald, U. S. Notes on a reconnoissance [sic] of the fisheries of the Pacific coast of the United States in 1894 by Hugh M. Smith. By 1865-1941 Hugh M. Hugh McCormick.

BULLETIN OF THE UNITED STATES FISH COMMISSION 1894. PAGE 95 Notes on the Capture of Atlantic Salmon at Sea and in the Coast Waters of the Eastern States By Hugh M. Smith, M. D., Assistant in charge of Division of Statistics and Methods of the Fisheries. Smith, H.M. Notes on a Reconnaissance of the Fisheries of the Pacific Coast of the United States in 1894. Issued May 22, 1895. 223-288 Smith, H.M. Notes on the Capture of Atlantic Salmon at Sea and in the Coast Waters of the Eastern States. Issued May 3, 1894. 95-99 Smith, H.M. Notes on Two Hitherto Unrecognized Species of American Whitefishes. Smith, Hugh M. Hugh McCormick, 1865-1941. [Washington: G. P. O. Notes on a reconnoissance [sic] of the fisheries of the Pacific coast of the United States in 1894 [microform]. Although dwarfed in both volume and value by the offshore tuna fisheries, the Pacific Island fisheries that are based on coastal resources provide most of the non-imported fish supplies to the region. Coastal fisheries harvest a very diverse range of finfish, invertebrates and algae. Unlike the tuna fishery, virtually.

Introduction The tuna fisheries in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean WCPO, encompassed by the Convention Area of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission WCP-CA1 fig. 1, are diverse. They range from small-scale, artisanal operations in the coastal waters of Pacific states to large-scale, industrial purse seine, pole-and-line and longline operations in the exclusive. The Pacific Island region consists of fourteen independent countries and eight territories located in the western and central Pacific Ocean. These comprise about 200 high islands and some 2500 low islands and atolls. Coastal fishing is of fundamental importance in the Pacific Islands. Much of the region's nutrition, welfare, culture, employment, and recreation are based on the living resources. Some overall generalisations can be made about past trends in Pacific Island fisheries. While changes in fisheries were formerly driven by the initiatives put forward by national governments and donors, more recent fisheries trends have resulted from economic realities e.g. in bottomfish, aquaculture, boatbuilding, and small-scale tuna fishing. Get this from a library! Notes on a reconnoissance [sic] of the fisheries of the Pacific coast of the United States in 1894. [Hugh M Smith].

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