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The following pages are a reprint, with slight alterations, of three papers which appeared in the Contemporary Review of February, 1876, June, 1877, and January, 1878. The papers were the result of an independent endeavour on my part to ascertain the real right or wrong of our relations with China and the Opium Trade. England, China and opium: three essays, reprinted, with slight alterations, from the Contemporary review by Fry, Edward, Sir, 1827-1918.

CornellUniversityLibrary DS740.5.G7F94 EnglandChinaandopium:threeessays. 31924023149986. England, China and opium: three essays, reprinted, with slight alterations, from the Contemporary review 2.5/ 5 A treatise on the specific performance of contracts: including those of public companies 2.5 / 5. England, China, and opium: Three essays, reprinted, with slight alterations, from the Contemporary Review. By the Hon. Sir Edward Fry,. Fry, Edward, Sir, 1827-1918 [ Microform, Book: 1878-1995 ] View online access conditions At ANU Library. This resource is very relevant to your query score: 84,833.055. England, China, and opium three essays, reprinted, with slight alterations, from the Contemporary review: 1878: 171: Knollys, Henry, Sir, 1840-1930: English life in China:. The opium question a review of the opium policy of Great Britain, and its results to India and China: 1877: 421. [The “Address on behalf of the National Association for the Promotion of Technical Education,” first published in the ensuing number of “Science and Art,” and reprinted in “Collected Essays,” 3 427-451, was duly delivered in Manchester, and produced a considerable effect. He.

England, China and opium: three essays, reprinted, with slight alterations, from the Contemporary review Edward Fry

The Future of China. By Sir Walter H. Medhurst: 1: Animals and Plants. By Professor St. George Mivart: 13: The Artistic Dualism of the Renaissance. By Vernon Lee: 44: The Social Philosophy and Religion of Comte. By Professor Edward Caird. IV. 66: The Problem of the Great Pyramid. By Richard A. Proctor: 93: Conspiracies in Russia under the. For Sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Publishing Office Internet: bookstore. Phone: toll free 866 512-1800; DC area 202 512-1800.

Jan 01, 2003 · Other review essays include The Victorians and the Visual Imagination, by Kate Flint, reviewed by Srdjan SmarjiM, VIJ 29[2001] 140–2; Caverns of Night: Coal Mines in Art, Literature, and Film, ed. William B. Thesing, reviewed by Jonathan Silverman VIJ 29[2001] 142–5; and The Shock of the Real: Romanticism and Visual Culture, 1760–1860. OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, 1882. EDINBURGH REVIEW. Shelley and Mary Mozicys Reminiscences, QUARTERLY REVIEW. Henry Erskine and his Times, Ten Years of Italian Progress, WESTMINSTER REVIEW. The Poetry of Mrs. E. B. Browning, 387 515 451 643 416 BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW. The Puritan Element in Longfellow,. 306 CONTEMPORARY REVIEW.

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