Arguments Against The Indiscriminate Use Of Chloroform In Midwifery Will. J. Merriman |
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Museum > Obstetrical Anesthesia > Merriman SWJ. Arguments against the indiscriminate use of chloroform in midwifery, 1848. Arguments against the indiscriminate use of chloroform in midwifery, 1848. Merriman SWJ. giving chloroform in midwifery, if it is clear that more benefit will follow its employment, than in using instru- ments or other means to effect the delivery, when the labour-pains have ceased, or some deformity or other cause hinders the birth, and where, consequently, the infant's life must be sacrificed, if means of hastening the delivery be not employed.

Library > Rare Book Collection Categories > Obstetrical Anesthesia > Merriman Swj Arguments Against The Indiscriminate Use Of Chloroform In Midwifery, 1848 Merriman SWJ. Arguments against the indiscriminate use of chloroform in midwifery, 1848. Merriman S. Arguments against the indiscriminate use of Chloroform in Midwifery. London: Churchill, 1848. Dr Swayne. 1855 Murphy EW. Chloroform: its properties and safety in childbirth. London: Wilson and Maberley, 1855. Dr Swayne. 1858. Samuel Merriman in his Arguments against the indiscriminate use of Chloroform in Midwifery takes the line that nature can cope with labour better than people who intervene. He points out how the mortality of women in childbirth has declined and now is only one in 113. He is the author of the [quot] Statistical Records of the Pro- gress of Cholera over the Globe,[quot] published in the.3f-edieo- Chirurgical Transactions, 27th vol., 1844; and of [quot] Arguments against the Indiscriminate Use of Chloroform in Midwifery,[quot] 1848. The arterial and venous blood concentrations of chloroform plotted against time during the early phase of equilibration showed that the initial uptake of chloroform was rapid, approaching a plateau after 40-50 min. In patients breathing spontaneously the arterial concentration of chloroform, which averaged 17.28 /- 4.1 mg dl-1, did not exceed.

Full text of "Anæsthesia, or, The employment of chloroform and ether in surgery, midwifery, etc." See other formats. Dry chloroform over molecular sieves & you can get it 99.9% dry. Don't use sodium for the purpose of drying chlorinated hydrocarbons. Other drying agents may include what the scholars mentioned. Chloroform is another name for the colorless, dense, liquid chemical compound trichloromethane. It is nonflammable and has a pleasant odor and a burning, sweet taste. Chloroform is about 40 times as sweet as sugar. Nearly insoluble unable to be d. Chloroform was widely used for many years as an anesthetic. Because it led to liver injury often delayed and cardiac sensitization, this use has been generally eliminated. Chloroform has some use as a solvent, but most of it is used as a chemical intermediate. Although its use as a solvent in industry is not extensive, it may be found as a constituent in solvent mixtures, and it is still.

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