Appendix To The Report On The Affairs Of The East India Company: China Papers, Volume 2 |
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Affairs of the East India CompanyContents of the appendix.

Appendix to the Report from the Select Committee appointed to enquire into the present State of the Affairs of the EAST INDIA COMPANY. CONTENTS OF THE APPENDIX. Appendix A. Papers ordered by the House. A. 1. Papers relating to the Financial Accounts of The East India Company, Civil, Political and Commercial, and its Trade and Intercourse with. The Lord President of the Select Committee of the House of Lords on East India Affairs, &c. &c. Paper A. [See ante, p. 491.] ANALYSIS of the Account No. 2, or Statement of the Revenues and Charges of India, &c. from 1809-10 to 1827-28, and contained in the Collection of Papers relating to the Finances of India, February 1830. £ £.

May 02, 2019 · Appendix to the Report on the Affairs of the East India Company 11 October 1831 Google Books Volume 2: China Papers; Volume 3: External and Internal Commerce of Bengal, Madras and Bombay; Volume 4: Administration of Monopolies. Opium and Salt. Subseries 1. Miscellaneous original and copy papers and reports, 1726 - 1806. Documents, mostly copies but some originals, relating to naval visits to Penang, proposals for an East India Company settlement on the island, negotiations with the Sultan of Quedah, the acquisition of the island in 1786, the geography and resources of the island, revenues, and the establishment of a court of. East India Company Factory Records. In 1876 he made another list of those papers that, from a large number of miscellaneous papers in the East India Company's Examiner's Office, had been saved from a programme of destruction that had taken place in 1859. In 1833 the Company's monopoly on the China trade was also abolished.

Report from the select committee on the affairs of the East India Company, with minutes of evidence in six parts and an appendix and index to each [electronic resource]: [communicated from the Commons to the Lords, 21st June 1833], Ordered to be printed, 20 August, 1853. East India Company papers: Financial documents, history troop registers, and government documents, 1766-1767 752 pages and appendix Volume 91 Narrative of the second War with Hyder Aly Khan, 1779-1782 133 pages. As an appendix, however, I include here Sir William Hunter’s valuable discussion of the relation of the Commonwealth under Cromwell to the affairs of India. A. V. W. J. In 1650 the East India Company, by command of the Council of State, effaced the king’s arms still remaining on one of its ships. Jun 11, 2012 · Another narrative is the Select Committee's report, found in Morse, Chronicles of East India Company, IV, 23–27. 36 Morse, Chronicles of East India Company, IV, 48; Greenberg, British Trade and Opening of China, 121 and Stelle, “ American Trade in Opium to China, 1821–39,” Pacific Historical Review, X March, 1941 , 58.

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If China is getting all the raw material from China and charging Pakistan in dollars then it is atrocious, immoral and its making CPEC another East India company. Recommend 0 Ashish. 63 Select Committee on the East India Company. Appendix to the Report, PP, 1831–1832, X, part II, p. 630, appendix 13. To place these figures in context, it should be noted that during the same period treasure valued at Rs. 12,26,83,952 was imported into Bengal, Madras, and Bombay from Canton, at a yearly average of Rs. 68,15,775. China, Miscellaneous, [volume] 42 [of 42], 1972, 356 p., 1 map; published at £155 / $225. Correspondence, returns and other papers respecting postal arrangements and miscellaneous affairs in China, 1857-94; Japan, 10 volumes, nothing related to the post. The Indian Armed Forces Hindi: Bhāratīya Saśastra Senāeṁ are the military forces of the Republic of India.It consists of three professional uniformed services: the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.Additionally, the Indian Armed Forces are supported by the Indian Coast Guard and paramilitary organisations Assam Rifles, and Special Frontier Force and various inter-service. This paper documents the history of the introduction of the soybean Glycine max, a domesticate of China, to North America. Henry Yonge, the Surveyor-General of Georgia, planted soybeans on his farm at the request of Samuel Bowen in 1765$1.Mr. Bowen, a former seaman employed by the East India Company, brought soybeans to Savannah, Georgia, from China via London.

Collection Scope and Content Note. The Lewis Cass papers 1188 items contain the political and governmental letters and writings of Lewis Cass, American army officer in the War of 1812, governor and senator from Michigan, American diplomat to France, secretary of war to Andrew Jackson, secretary of state to James Buchanan, and Democratic candidate for President. Reports from the Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed to enquire into the present state of the affairs of the East India Company, together with the minutes of evidence, an appendix of documents, and a general index, 1830, Vol. 2, p.977.

For another attempt to connect military-fiscalism in Britain and the empire, see S. Sen, ‘The Colonial Frontiers of the Georgian State: East India Company Rule in India’, Journal of Historical Sociology, 7 1994, 368–92. Ibid., 245. First, this trade connected to the expansion of the East India Company trade and of the private trade linked with this. 41 Secondly, it brought the Boston Atlantic traders to the Pacific coast, in turn connecting them more closely to the China trade. 42 Thirdly, a long conflict between Russian traders and Spanish territorial interests on the. Description: Correspondence and papers, 1786-1801, sent by William Ross, a former Madras civil servant, Sir George Ramsay, Bart., of Bamff, and Lieutenant later Major-General William Blackburne, to Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville.The correspondence, which includes extensive memoranda and minutes, deals in considerable detail with the policies of the East India Company's Madras. London: Black, Parry, 1813, also by East India Company page images at HathiTrust Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons: East India question. Abstract of the minutes of evidence taken in the Hon. House of commons before a committee of the whole house to consider the affairs of the East India company. The East India Company, on finding the provinces of Bengal and Behar continuously deteriorating, caused a long and minute survey of the condition of the people. This survey extended over nine years, from 1807 to 1816. The reports, however, lay buried in the archives of the India House, till Mr. Montgomery Martin brought them to light.

William Petty, 1st Marquis of Lansdowne, 2nd Earl of.

The British East India Company had a matching monopoly of British trade. The British East India Company began to auction opium grown on its plantations in India to independent foreign traders in exchange for silver. The opium was then transported to the Chinese coast and sold to local middlemen who retailed the drug inside China. Lahore: National Documentation Centre, 1983. 4 vols. Part II of Volume 1 contains the memoranda and representations submitted to the Punjab Boundary Commission by the Congress, Muslim League, the Sikhs, and others; Volume II contains the proceedings of the commission, or the oral arguments made before the commission; Volume III carries the. Althea was launched at Calcutta in 1801. She made one voyage to Britain for the British East India Company.The French captured her in the Indian Ocean in 1804 and then kept her at Île de France where she served as a prison ship. When the British captured Île de France in 1810 they recovered Althea. However, it is probable that they recovered her in between, and lost her again.. Feb 14, 2020 · Covers from the foundation of the East India Company in 1615 to the granting of independence for India and Pakistan in 1947. here are original Indian manuscripts containing histories and literary works, as well as accounts of wars, discussions of Indian Nationalism and papers.

38 India and the United Nations: Report of a Study Group set up by the Indian Council of World Affairs prepared for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace New York, 1957, 27. 39 In 1946, the British government viewed relations with the United Nations purely in. In the late 1400s & early 1500s, European traders explored the East Indies 1. In the seaports of these islands & on the nearby mainland a Portuguese & Dutch merchants enjoyed a rich & active trade until the early 1800s. B. In the 1800s and early 1900s, European imperialism made its way to Southeast Asia as it did to nearby India & China 1.

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